By Myself Alone

Ann Burton (vo), Akira Myazawa (ts, fl), Masahiko Sath (p), Sadanori Nakamure (g), Kunimitsu Inaba (b), Msahiko Ozu (d, perc) 
Tokio, april 28 - 1974
  • Let ME Love You
  • Love Is A Necessary Evil
  • Yesterday And Yesterdays
  • Birthday Song
  • By Myself Alone (without Myazawa)
  • May I Come In (only piano) Toshihiko Ogawa - (p), replaces Satoh, (without Nakamure)
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • I Could Have Told You So
  • That Old Feeling
  • Trav'lin Light
  • Oh My, What A Shame (only piano)
EASTWIND LP 15PJ1019 Producer: Toshinari Koinuma


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